WEI TIEN LIN MACHINERY CO., LTD. are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of automatic welding machinery.
Through our strict quality control in each stage of the production process from design to finalize machine lines are accomplished under one roof.
As well as can make more efficient automatic welding equipment to save manpower and reach high capacity & automatic production as per customer's requirement.
  Air - Pressure Spot Welder Air - Pressure Butt Welder  Flash Butt Welder、Air - Pressure Automatic Seam Welder Rolling MachineStraight - Line Machine Trimming Machine、Hydraulic Heating Forging Welder、Welding Torch Rotation Welding MachineCircle Welding Machine  Straight - Seam Welding Machine、Welding Machines Series Full Set Of Equipments For Electric Fan Guard、Other Special Purpose Welding Machine  Automation Welding Machine、Customized Special Welding Equipment
Application : Metal mesh   Office furniture   Electrical boxes、Merchandise display stand  Metal products、Tableware / kinds of cake panAutomotive sheet metal / parts、All kinds of metal wire  Sheet metal welding.